Wedding Films

To be honest wedding videos used to be a total pet-peeve of mine.  They were so cheesy, and not in the good chips and queso kind of way, but more like the make you want to tear your eyes out kind of way.  I heard from so many couples that they watched their wedding video once or twice and then never watched it again.  I hear ya, heck, my wedding video is on VHS and I don't even own a VHS player.  Some of you may not even know what a VHS player is ;)  

So I began a journey to seek out super talented film makers and invite them to partner with me to blow peoples minds with video awesomeness!  The journey was well worth it and I love what we create for our couples!  We have heard from so many couples, moms, friends, dads, brothers, random strangers, mailmen or mailwomen for that matter and whoever else our couples show their videos to, that they cry every time they watch one of our videos...which I think is a good thing ;)  We have heard it so much that a tag line has emerged...

studioTHP...we make people cry!

So if you want to cry tears of awesomeness or you want a wedding film that captures your day in a way that you will want to watch every day or at least every other day then shoot us a message through our contact page.