One must ask themselves big questions when sitting down to pen their own “About Page”.  Things like, “Do I write in 1st, 2nd, 3rd person?”, “Geez, how many persons can I write in?”, “Do I tell an epic journey that started when I sprang forth from my mothers womb with a camera in my hand to prove how awesome I am?”, “Do people actually read ‘About’ pages?” And possibly the most important questions of all… “Who am I?”  Yep it just got deep.

I’m just a guy that really enjoys taking pictures of people… Wow, that sounds kinda creepy! I like shooting people… Nope that’s even worse! Being a photographer allows me to interact with all sorts of people and blow their minds with photo awesomeness… Nailed it that time! This is why I actually love shooting weddings and family portraits, and head shots, and any anything else with people for that matter. And yes, I actually love shooting weddings. I know, crazy right! I mean is that even possible? I thought people only shot weddings because they can’t seem to make money shooting anything else? Well, for some that might be true, but for me I actually really enjoy weddings, because weddings are full of people and I really like people. Weddings are not stressful to me, but rather full of fun and amazing possibilities to engage with people and help them feel comfortable enough to be themselves in front of the camera.

Oh, side note… I like shooting food too. Not like hunting, but I think I would like that too, but more so like taking pictures of food. Mainly because when I see bad pictures of food I get angry, not sure why, but it happens. And because after you are done shooting food you typically get to eat it. Which I guess works for hunting as well.


Nope, not so much my photography experience, but more so the experience I try to provide.  I believe the experience while taking your photos is just as important as the final product!  So, I try my darndest to provide a fun, stress free environment that encourages you to, dare I say it, actually be yourself and enjoy the time you spend with me.  Rather than posing/faking a good time we will just have a good time and capture it as we go.  It seems simple and kinda common sense, but it’s the key to getting the shots I get.


I’ve been blessed to travel all over the world for my “job”, which is good because I love to travel!  I’ve shot in London, Ireland, New Zealand, Cabo, Aruba, Mexico, and Hawaii to name a few and all over the continental US of course.  Love me some NYC!  So no matter where you are getting married or want to take some photos count me in!!!  Heck, I’ve been known to give some pretty killer deals to people that are wanting me to travel to fun places.  Just say’n 😉